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Tue 29 Aug

Jersey Bulls Appoint First Head of Performance Analysis

Jersey Bulls Football Club announce the appointment of Sam Bickley as Head of Performance Analysis.


As the Head of Performance Analysis, Sam Bickley will lead the charge in leveraging cutting-edge data and video analysis techniques to empower both players and coaches, enabling them to make more informed decisions on and off the pitch. Sam’s role will focus on enhancing the team’s tactical ability and overall performance. Sam is currently studying ‘Sports and Exercise Science’ at Liverpool John Moores’ School of Exercise Science.

With this role Jersey Bulls will deliver:

1. Tactical Decision Support

Working closely with the coaching staff to provide them with comprehensive data insights that will aid in making informed tactical decisions during matches. By analysing various performance metrics, Sam will contribute to the club’s dynamic and adaptable gameplay strategy.

2. Player Performance Enhancement

Empowering players with the knowledge of their individual performance is a crucial aspect of this role. By offering players insights into their strengths and areas for improvement, Bickely will play a crucial role in their continuous development. This personalised approach will enable players to maximise their potential and contribute to the team’s ongoing success.

3. Video Analysis and Fixture Preparation

This role will provide players with video analysis that offers a deep dive into playing styles and strategies. This comprehensive approach equips players with the tools they need to anticipate opponents’ moves and adapt their gameplay accordingly.

4. Season-long Performance Monitoring

The role extends beyond individual matches, encompassing the monitoring of team performance over the course of the season. Leveraging data from newly invested equipment, he will gather and interpret insights to identify trends, strengths, and areas requiring attention.

"I’m really looking forward to the challenge. I think that it’s a great club who deserve to be higher up in the footballing pyramid and hopefully I can help them to achieve that. It will be a learning experience for both me and the club, but hopefully we can empower the players to go out and do what they do best."

Sam Bickley, Head of Performance Analysis

Sam’s dedication to extracting meaningful insights from complex data and his commitment to enhancing player and team performance align seamlessly with the club’s vision of continuous improvement.