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Tue 28 Jul


With the Bulls back in training for the first time since March tonight, we caught up with club captain to see how he and all the players are looking forward to the start of pre-season, and the season ahead.

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Firstly, how exciting is it to know that you’ll be back kicking the ball again tonight?

It has been a long time coming and I am really looking forward to getting back out on the pitch with the lads. Saying that, I am not sure how much ‘kicking’ will be done tonight as I have a feeling there will be more running involved. We had a meeting last week and it was great to see all the lads back together and start to have a bit of buzz for the season ahead.

How much have you missed playing with the lads?

More than I thought. At first the break was welcomed, as it was the first season a lot of the lads have had to play more than 20 games. Saying that it has been a few months now and it will be great to get back to training. I know Daryl (Wilson) has been missing the training more than most. We have a great squad where everyone gets along and I think the strength and depth of the squad speaks for itself so everyone will be wanting to make a good impression as places are up for grabs.

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How damaging was it as a player to hear Bulls won’t be playing in the league above this coming season, after mathematically earning promotion in March?

Of course it was disheartening and I think from the early decision to make the league null and void, to then potentially reversing that decision, only for the original null and void decision to stand has been frustrating. When you put it into perspective with the global pandemic and how everyone in all walks of life have been affected during these unprecedented times it is a decision we have to live with & respect. I think there has been a lot of chat about ‘what if’ and ‘what could have been’, however that was last season and we have to focus on the future and what next season holds for the Jersey Bulls. I know the lads will be wanting to continue trying to play good football and embrace the challenges ahead.

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Will this spur all at Bulls to earn promotion again?

Our goal will be the same as last year and quite simply to focus on the next game. We go into every game to win, however I think there will be different challenges this year. Each team will know who we are, including our strengths and weaknesses. It is my understanding there will be quite a few changes in the teams we play in regards to their make-up and personnel. However, I would imagine the level of competition wont differentiate too much to what we faced last season. In addition we will want to compete and do well in each of the cups including the FA Vase, but there is a lot of football to be played before we can consider promotion.

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One big positive is that we will play in the FA Vase this season. How exciting is the prospect of playing at Wembley for the lads?

Entering the FA Vase is exciting and the prospect of playing at Wembley is a great incentive to do well for all players. However we know there is potentially 10 games to play (& win) for that to happen and there are some very good teams in the competition. I think Guernsey FC got to the semi-finals one year so it would be incredible to do one better, but that’s a long, long way off.

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Are the aims for next season the same – promotion and do well in the cups?

I think there will be a bit of an expectation for the Jersey Bulls to be there or thereabouts after our performances last season, however as I previously mentioned there will different challenges to last year and we will just have to take them as they come. Our first priority will be to have a good pre-season, get some match fitness in and make sure we have a positive start to the season. I know the lads are excited to get going again and hopefully we have the same level of support as we did last year as the fans have been fantastic!